Someone Stole My Money!

Before buying my plane tickets to Oahu yesterday, I had to check my account balance to make sure I had enough money for my bills and what not. Have to pay rent doncha know. This is where the problem came in. Instead of the expected amount to be shown in my account, it was about $800 less. I looked at the recent transactions and found 5 charges that I didn’t make. One was a charge to a UK based website for $748. Added to the other smaller charges, the total unauthorized charges came to $798.99. Ahhhhhh! WTF?

I was totally stunned and couldn’t even open my mouth to tell Holly what happened for at least 60 seconds. When I finally came to, and explained this to Holly, I immediately called my bank and also tried to find the phone number to the place the charges were made. I succeeded with the bank and halfway with the UK website. I filed a dispute with the bank and they cancelled my debit card. That is the 2nd time in the past 3 months that I’ve had to have my debit card replaced. I also had to have my CC replaced because some unknown person changed the billing address on the card. How the hell did they do that? And why would someone want to receive my bills? So yeah. It’s crazy.

This morning, I got in touch with the UK company where the charges were made. I had to chuckle when all the people I talked to had british accents. I don’t know why I expected anything different from calling the UK.

So here I am with no debit card and no money. I can’t buy anything until I either go to a bank or get my new debit card in the mail. I still have to buy my ticket to Oahu for Friday. I feel so helpless and poor. 🙁

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