Stressful week at an end

This past week or two has been so stressful. I had a project for work due today that I have not been able to work out. I had the idea, but I couldn’t do the art at all. I went to VJ’s on Monday night. There was a small crowd when we got there, but the place filled up quickly. Many people signed up for there turn at the mic. When it was my turn I played an STP song and an Everclear song. STP I did well. I should have done it second though, cause Everclear I totally bombed. Oh well. On the way home I got to thinking about how I was totally going blank with that ad, and how I bombed that song. It was a bit depressing artistically. The following day I spent frantically trying to put together an ad. It was the day before it was due and I still had nothing to show. Fortunately I have a very talented wife who helped me out. Then when she helped with the part I was stuck on, I whipped up some color, a background, some text and whua la, I have an ad. So today, I emailed the ad to my boss, who gave it the ok. So then I called Blackbelt Magazine to let them know I had the ad. They told me that the deadline was on Friday. (Ahhhhhhh) But if I emailed it to her in the next 20 minutes, she could get it to the press. So I did. Now my 3rd add will be printed on April 25th 2006. Phew. So stressful. Now all I have to do is come up with 2 full page flyers and a 15 minute video in 10 days. *sigh*. Oh well. the fun never stops. I feel much better though.

The rain subsided the other day for a bit. Seeing as how it has been raining for weeks now, everyone, including us, had to go out. We took Gavin to a nearby park to play. It was a nice time out. We played for about an hour before deciding to go to Ba Le for dinner. Mmmmm. Yummy. So that was our outing. We took the camera too. So there are some new pictures on our photo album: