My birthday was successful. I had a great time. At Gordon Biersch, I ordered a Fettuccini and sun-dried tomato dish and drank multiple glasses of Dunkless beer. They gave me a complimentary slice of birthday cake which made it o.k. to open my birthday presents when Holly arrived. I received an “O.A.R.” and a “System of a Down” cd. I also received an iTrip, which is a FM transmitter for iPods. Now I can listen to my iPod in the car. Awesome. And lastly, Gavin gave me an “Incredibles” DVD. After Gordon Biersch, we drove home and laid around watching “The Incredibles” and eating the super awesome, tasty cake that Mary made for me; a chocolate lovers dream. The only unsuccessful part was that after taking only 4 pictures, the batteries died on the camera. So there are only 4 pictures here. One of the cake and 3 of Gavin enjoying the pleasures of a knife. Hmmmm.