More Beer Equipment

Following the  explosion of the last fermentor, I was left without beer supplies and for a short while, beer. Thankfully, that batch was not tainted and solved the no beer issue, but it still left me with a lack of equipment. As a result, I googled homebrew supplies and found many dubious looking websites that sell beer supplies. There was the option, of course, of calling Homebrew in Paradise  (a Honolulu based supply shop) and ordering my supplies from them. It probably would not cost me much more than ordering online and would most certainly cost me less in shipping. Yet for some reason, I feel compelled to use them for ingredients only. Part of that might be due to the fact that the owner of the place has this way of making one feel slightly amateurish upon entering the store. But maybe that is just because I am an amateur.  At any rate, after searching around I found a place called William’s Brewing that had comparable prices and cheap shipping. That is to say that they shipped USPS and didn’t shun PO boxes where most other sites shipped UPS or FedEx at a rate of around $30 – $40 and seem to despise PO boxes. I only ended up paying $8 shipping. Woot.

So here is a list of the supplies I ordered in order to keep up my beer making hobby.