The Tree Skirt

Long ago in a time of the distant past, I started to knit a tree skirt. I believe it was the summer of 2011. It was started as a coping mechanism during a rough time, which included a move. As time went on and life kept moving, my knitting got put on hold. It was placed in an Invader Zim bag and stored in my closet. Every October since then, I’ve been pulling it out and adding to it little by little in hopes that it would be finished by Christmas. Four years and fifteen balls of yarn later, it is finally finished. This evening, we set up our Christmas tree, packed it with what ornaments we managed to successfully move with us, topped it with a tacky yet wonderful topper, and then lovingly spread the tree skirt around the bottom. It’s finally done. 

It’s been a fantastic year starting with the purchase of our first house. Now it’s December and we have thriving lilikoi vines, lychee trees, basil plants, a new bathroom, safe electrical, inspiring artwork on the walls, new floors, a refinished chandelier, new furniture, and so much more. It’s a fine house. And now it has a proper tree skirt for its Christmas tree. 


One thought on “The Tree Skirt

  1. That is beautiful not just the skirt but the “love story”! Many blessings for all of you! Thanks for reaching out when you do, Michael. It means so much to both of us. Gail

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