Things are looking up

Wow, that title could mean so many things right now. But I’ll focus on this one. On monday night, I went with Holly to class again, determined to gain back the confidence I lost the previously at Volcano Joe’s. And I did just that. This was Holly’s fist class in this session and she didn’t show up to VJ’s until 8pm. This gave me time to eat a super yummy Roast Beef sandwich and play two songs. The first song I played was an “Alice in Chains” song. In doing so, I appealed to another person who had signed up. He followed by playing a “Radiohead” song. He was cool. He loves to sing and was good at it. We chit chatted and found that we like a lot of the same music. The night went on and we ended up at the mic together. I played guitar, and he sang as the cafe filled up witht the sounds of “Creep” by “Radiohead”. Other than that, I played a few songs which I felt were pretty darn good. I ended the night with one of the best renditions of “Nothing Else Matters”. It felt really good and I so look forward to doing it more. On another note, I received a phone call from my brother’s fiancé. She wants me to get measurements for my tux so they can rent one for me so I won’t have to worry about bringing one. She also is going to send me a cd with some songs that she would want me to play at their wedding. I hope that they are songs I will be able to play well.