Valentine’s Day

We started Valentine’s day with a simple exchange of chocolates, gifts and kisses. To Holly, some chocolates, a nice pair of sewing scissors, and a cinnamon-nutmeg scented diffuser. For the kids, various chocolates and kisses. For me, some chocolate and a canvas print of a sloth holding a glass of Hefeweizen. Awesome.


The middle of the day went as normal. Filled with work and a naked playing child. The daily routine didn’t change much until the return of Gavin from school. That’s when it became time to prepare for our evening’s dinner. The shrimp was thawed and the beer and wine was chilled. Do some slight clean up, throw a nice table cloth and candle on the table, and voiala, the house is set for dinner. Ok, it wasn’t set to be a 5 star restaurant, but it was nicer than average.

For dinner, I served up a delicious Shrimp Scampi over pasta with a glass of French Rose wine. It was a hit. Gavin ate two servings and Holly made yum yum noises. The bottle of wine now sits empty. A delicious dinner. A delicious Valentine’s day. I hope everyone has as lovely a day as mine.

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