We should make popcorn every night.

Good times, good times. On this particular evening, Gavin’s favorite show came on. Star Wars the Clone Wars. It was also our night for Battlestar Galactica. So the plan was to bath the boys, get them in pajamas, then we would make us some home made popcorn for the shows. Leif loved his bath. We just had to record the cuteness. How could we not. He was a splashin’ and a playin’ and just releasing complete and utter cuteness. After bathing and changing, we put on some popcorn. That in itself was quite fun. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Take a look for yourself. Best popcorn ever. Anyway, after the popcorn was made all was good. Gavin watched his Star Wars, Leif fell asleep easily and quickly and then we got to watch Battlestar. All is well in the world. Enjoy the videos.

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