Bakersfield night life

I’ve been in pretty good spirits lately. I have everything all set up to move in to my new apartment on Thurs. All I have to do is show up Thurs morning and sign the lease. They will hand me the keys and I’ll be off. Gavin is only going to day care for half day on Thurs and not at all on Fri. So Gavin and I will be hanging out doing moving in stuff. Probably go shopping for some foods and other small household items that I don’t have like a door mat and a lamp and stuff like that. On Suday we are taking a drive down to visit Holly’s friend and visiting the nearby Ikea while we are there. I figured I’ll be pretty broke at that point, but it would be fun to look. Tonight was Holly’s long night at work so Gavin and I spent the evening playing games and tickeling and making pancakes loaded with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, chocolate kisses and bananas. Fry up an egg to go with them, top them with syrup and butter, and you have yourself one mighty dinner. Gavin wore the little red apron and scooped out the flour. He cracked and added the egg all by himself. Then he used the magical wisk to mix it all up. He did a great job. The pancakes were delicious.

Tomorrow I venture out to explore Bakersfield nightlife. There is an open mic night at a place called Fishlips. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t know if I will perform or not. Maybe I’ll bring my guitar just in case. But basically I want to scope it out and see what it’s like. Maybe I can strike up some conversation and make a friend or two. That would be good. I’ve met a few people here in the village, but have yet to go out with any of them. I’m a wee bit of a chicken, but I just have to get over it and go out. So tomorrow will be my first night out. I look forward to it.