Flu & Freedom (updated)

This past Tuesday Gavin came down with the flu. His daycare called us and we picked him up. Poor kid was so sick. He stayed home with me for the rest of the week. On Friday Holly left for a long planned trip up to San Francisco so Gavin stayed with me for the weekend. We took him to the doctor Friday morning and they said Gavin should improve over that day and the next. He improved a little on Friday, but didn’t fully become himself again until Saturday night. We ordered pizza with potato wedges for dinner. The carbs did him well. Now he is back to daycare and having a good time. This week I need to get a car and a bed. Hopefully I can do that. I’m kind of tired of sleeping on this air mattress. And as for the car, well, we both need our freedom.

2 thoughts on “Flu & Freedom (updated)

  1. Just to note, he stayed with you during work hours for a couple days, and was given a green flag by his doctor on Friday before I went anywhere. That just made it sound like I ditched him for a week while sick. 😛

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