I’m poor

I’m feelig very poor lately. I have no bed (borrowing an airmattress), no shelves or tables or chairs or much food. My dad gets married on the 24th this month and I was going to buy a plane ticket out there with the paycheck I received on Monday. What I did not plan on was them putting a hold on all but $100 of the check until the 23rd. That will not get me to my dads wedding on time. Or pay my bills. Or buy me a car or bed or anything else for that matter in the time that I need. Grrrr. So I have about $150 to last me until the 23rd. Dang. Being poor sucks. Plust I still haven’t heard much from FedEx about my claim. I faxed them the claim form and computer receipt verifying the value of my computer. Hopefully I will hear from them soon. So I got my atm card in the mail. Now I just need money to go with it. *Sigh* I might not make it to my dads wedding. 🙁