Day Out

On Saturday, we took Gavin down to Filmore for the “Day Out With Thomas” event. Gavin was so excited. Holly bought tickets for the 9 o’clock train ride. It takes a little over an hour to get there, so we had to leave at like 6 am. The ride down was very nice. The mountains and other landscape were much more green than when we first moved here. As we got closer we passed a winery and orange orchards along with avacados and other various fruits and veggies. The town of Filmore is very cute. Very nostalgic. Thomas the train was sitting in the station surrounded by families. The line wasn’t as bad as you might think. It all moved along quite nicely. Gavin and Holly went on the Thomas ride as I scoped out the area. It was a 20 minute ride. Afterwards we bought a caramel apple, corn on the cob, a burrito (would have been better with sour cream and cheese), and drinks. There were lots of activities there. There was a hay maze, big air bouncy things, food and candy (that’s an activity right), a creativity center with puzzles and temp tattoos, a gift shop, pictures with Sir Thopam Hat, a fire truck, and a story time area. Gavin had a blast. As did I. As did Holly. It was a really nice trip. A great way to spend the first half of a Saturday.

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