169.4 lbs. I’ve been slacking. I’ve started to work out again. I need to lost roughly 7 – 9 lbs. But at least I haven’t hit 170. Which is a little surprising. This weekend Gavin helped me make a loaf of white bread and a batch of sticky buns. I always thought the reason they were called stick buns is because they were sticky when you were eating them. But aparently they are called sticky buns because they contain a total of about 4 sticks of butter. Ugh. Anyway, on Tuesday, Holly gave a presentation at the library for learning how to write and publish a book. I went to her presentation. I was impressed. She did really well. And it made me feel important. She asked me a question about artists copyright privilidges. I didn’t quite know the answer, but because Holly pointed me out, people were asking me questions about illustration after the presentation. It made me feel important. lol. There were a total of 22 people there. She had a pile of recent illustrations that she is currently working on as examples. She was working on this illustration during our divorce period. I never saw them before Tuesday. She told me about the book, but I hadn’t seen it. They were good. Her presentation inspired me. Not to do a book, but to get back into drawing more. Online there is a art contest. The winner gets their design printed on a shirt and a bunch of money and other things like gift certificates. It’s something I’m thinking about doing. It would be fun. But either way, I’m going to start drawing a lot more.

On a different note, my apt is starting to come together. My kitchen is totally usable now. I got my pots and pans along with some things sent to me by my mom that I had in college. Some friends gave me a futon couch that I now have in my living room, as it is not quite comfortable enough to sleep on. At least until I get a mattress topper. Then maybe I’ll sleep on it. I also now have a tv stand that my computer is on. And pretty soon, I’ll even be able to watch tv. I pinned up a beutiful blue celtic tapestry that I bought while in college. It fills the wall perfectly. And of course I have my lamp that I bought when I first moved in. It was my first peice of furniture. Now all I need are things like book shelves, night stands, another lamp or two, a propper bed and a dining room table set. Oh and of course art for the walls. Maybe a sconce or two. It seems like a lot, but really it’s not that much. I’m well on my way. Things here are looking good. And at the local scottish dance group here, they told me that if I wanted to dance at the festival coming up in May to let them know, and they would let me join them in thier dances. This coming weekend, we are taking Gavin down to see the Thomas trains. Gavin is at the point where he is starting to grow out of Thomas. He play with cars and hotwheels stuff a litte more than his Thomas trains. But he still loves to put together his Thomas tracks and play with them every once in a while. So we figured we’d take him down to see Thomas while we can. It will be a lot of fun. I hope we find the camera before the weekend so we can take pictures.