Moura Update

Well, I’ve had Moura now for 2 full weeks now. She is a ball of energy and claws. I bought her wuite a few toys ranging from balls with bells in them to the classic mouse on a stick. I even bought her a scratching post. And what is her favorite toy? ……..Flesh. Mine in particular. Of course I am home all day working so she climbs all over me. Up my back, over my arms and on to my neck. She has left her marks. But she is awesome. She is mostly litter box trainded. That is to say she is 100% potty trained if you don’t count night time when she decides she is too lazy to get off of my bed to use the litter box. Theres nothing like washing sheets every day. But she is getting better. It’s getting less. She is so cute though. Gavin loves her. And Moura likes the energy of a 4 year old. So here are some pictures of Moura’s 2nd week with us. Oh, and my arms after play time.

sany0093.jpg sany0076.jpg sany0069.jpg sany0033.jpg

sany0017.jpgsany0011.jpg sany0007.jpgsany0002.jpg


About a week or so ago, I wanted to take Gavin swimming in our pool. But It seemed that all his bathing suits disappeared. So I took Gavin to
Target, knowing that if I did we wouldn’t have time to swim, to buy him a bathing suit. Before we left, he collected all his quarters, dimes, nickels and penny’s from around the house and decided he was going to buy a toy for himself. He kept describing to me what he wanted, but I couldn’t tell what he was talking about. But when we got there, he brought me to where his toy was that he wanted. It wasn’t really a toy. It was a snorkel and mask. So we picked him up a snorkel and mask. The cashier wasn’t the happiest, but Gavin paid for it with his sandwich bag full of change. He was very proud of himself. And I was right, we didn’t have time. We then went to pick up Holly. But a few days ago, I finally got to bring hime to the pool. He put on his new shark bathing suit and snorkel and mask. Then we walked to the pool. At first he wasn’t sure he wanted to use them properly. Having to put his face in the water in all. Not his favorite. But I tricked him. lol. I told hime to stand up straight (which he can do now in the shallow end) and just bend his head so only the mask was in the water. And before he knew it, he looked like this:

06-02-07_1450.jpg 06-02-07_1453.jpg

And like that he remained for a good hour. He was so excited. He could see the dirt and my feet and hands and the other kids. Oh yeah.

Here is him on mother’s day at the mall.

And here he is at the furniture store helping mom to pick out a couch.
lol. Holly didn’t get that couch. But she did get one. And she had to call her friend J to come with his pick-up truck to get it home. It’s a nice couch. And such a great price. When I get a couch, I’m so going there. Anyway, I followed closely behind in the momma car with Gavin while Holly and J drove carefully home in the truck.

So there is new couch, kitten (Moura), snorkel and mask (90-100Ëš days) and chocolate. Things are pretty good. I am enjoying life and am happy.

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