I got Trainwrecked

On Saturday morning Holly found out and informed me that “Trainwreck“ was going to be performing at Fishlips that night. Tickets were $10. So before going to pick up Holly, I stopped at a local record store and picked me up a ticket. When I got there, I found out that there were going to be a total of 5 bands playing. Totally worth it. 4 of the bands were local, but were pretty good. And then there was Trainwreck. They were awesome. Good energy. Funny. And totally rocked. It was really cool because all the bands that played, including Trainwreck, just sat around and hung out with everyone after they played. In other words, I got to sit around and chill and talk with Kyle Gass for the night. Along with the other band members. They were really cool. They had a mini “Slash” guitarist, a overall-wearing drummer, a Village People-like Lead singer, a young 70’s style bassist, and a wig-wearing KG. lol. It rocked. They sang “Footloose” and “What a Feeling”. How much more rocking can you get than that.

sany0056.jpg sany0070.jpg

sany0067.jpg sany0078.jpg

On Saturday morning I also took Gavin bowling where we played one game before Gavin smushed his finger between two bowling balls and then wanted to go. It was a fun time though. We had a corn dog, some chicken strips and some fries for lunch.


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  1. It sure looks like he’s wearing a sock doesn’t it. If he is, he is very well off isn’t he? Very incriminating photo. I bet I could email that to them. hahaha

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