30th Birthday

My 30th birthday has come and gone. I didn’t have a big party or anything like that. Holly was home sick from work (for real) but still managed to make me delicious banana bread for breakfast. Gavin wished me a happy birthday many times. I received many face book messages from friends afar, which was nice. Mostly the day just went by. Gavin of course was dying to give me the two presents that he and granny got for me. Sometime in the afternoon, probably close to two o’clock, Gavin and I decided that we needed to make a cake so that he could properly give me my present. Holly was planning on making me my cake, but she was sick on the couch and I was in a baking kind of mood. Not having any form of chocolate in the house, and an abundance of rum and lilikoi, I decided I was going to have a lilikoi rum cake. I got hold of an abundance of fresh lilikoi juice from my landlord, who picked and juiced about 200 lilikoi that morning. Mmmmm. So good. The cake baked in the oven while I worked and played and lounged around. Holly made a nice simple dinner for us. Something we could eat easily and quickly and get to the important stuff. So the time for cake came. It turned out so delicious. So yum. A great balance of rum and lilikoi and cake in every moist bite. When it came time for presents, which was even before all the cake was consumed, Gavin informed me that he would tell me in which order to open the presents. The first one was something that looked something like a wonton made of tinfoil. “I’ve been saving this for you for a long time, dad” says Gavin. I unfold the taped tinfoil and inside I find 63¢. He is such a good kid. “There’s only one more dad, so I have to tell you to open this one” Gavin says with a smile. It’s larger than the tinfoil wonton and has no particular shape. I easily tear it open and find something I just would never suspect. Two pairs of safety goggles, two bags of 150-count rubber bands, and two wooden luger rubber-band guns. How awesome is that? Needless to say, there are now rubber-bands all over our house. Oh well. Leif will pick them up.

And that was my birthday. I couldn’t ask for much more than that. I got phone calls from my mother, father, and my sister. It was a good day.

For more 30th birthday fun though, I think I’ll go to Oahu to go to Gordon Biersch for dinner and then karaoke with my friends. Why not, right?

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