I’ve been recently having computer troubles. It’s been happening more and more frequently. This time my desktop and laptop both failed at the same time. The laptops hard drive decided it wasn’t going to function anymore while my desktop decided it didn’t want to start anymore. The laptop was easy enough to fix. I just had to erase everything, re-format the hd and re-install os X. Yay! It works! The desktop not so much. I fiddled and faddled with it and it just won’t do what I say. Sigh. So I decided that it’s time to upgrade. I’m headed to Oahu this weekend to pick up a new computer. I thought about it for a while and was feeling like I couldn’t justify it, but after days of my computer not starting up, I’ve set my mind to it and it’s decided, and since it’s decided, I don’t feel bad anymore. Now I’m just excited. After 5 years, I finally get a new computer. Sweet!

Hurricane Felicia has finally come. Of course it’s not a hurricane anymore. But it sure is raining out. I filled a 2 quart container full of water with the leak in our roof. Crystal light any one?

Leif turned one last week. I can’t believe it, one already. He so big now. Big enough to throw cars and balls off of our lanai. Sigh. BRB.

Anyway, he’s super cute. We took thousands of pictures of him too. His first year is very well documented. I think his first word might be either dad, pico or testicles. That’s my boy.

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