Happy 2008! Already this is promising to be a good year. I am happy and there is much to look forward to. Mary has been here for the holidays and it’s been nice. Gavin is loving having her here and we dread the time when he must say goodbye. Holly witnessed the prior parting of them and said it’s a hard thing to bear.

My mom comes to visit in just over a month. It will be a little hectic. I was worried when she first bought her ticket knowing that she would be here practically the week before my lease ends. At which time, Holly will have her apt packed and crammed into mine and will be living with me for the month until we can find a new apt for the both of us. But doing some research and asking questions has made me feel much better about how easy it will be to resolve the living situation. So hopefully by the time my mom comes, we’ll have a place set up already and possibly have stuff moved in. We have a bit more of a plan now. And plans are good. Holly functions much better with them, and they make me stress a little less.

So yeah. Things are going well between Holly and I. And this year will be a good one. Now if I can just get back to open mic night.