One month later

Good old February. One month later. Yesterday was 77? outside and Gavin decided he wanted to try to go in the pool. Of course it was too cold, but he walked around in the kiddy pool for 5 minutes or so anyway. Then we fell back to the hot tub which, in my opinion, was now too hot for the current weather. Gavin didn’t think so. My mom was here visiting last week. My mom, Gavin, and myself went down to Disney on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gavin fought off sleep hard that day. With so much to do in Disneyland, who would want to sleep right? He rode the Star Tours ride twice, watched a Jedi training session, rode the Runaway train, went in a haunted mansion, discovered churros, met Mickey, Goofey, Mary Poppins, Flick, Mr. Incredible, Darth Vader and Darth Maul, watched a Muppets show, flew over California, nearly avoided getting blown up by cannons from the Black Pearl, and a whole bunch more. He had a blast. As did my mom and I. It was really nice seeing Gavin so happy.


After my mom’s departure, I took another drive down to LA for a RSCDS dance. That is when I had my first real encounter with a tubleweed. lol.


It came at me at about 90 mph (my speed plus it’s speed). The wind was incredibly strong and it was advised that trailers and campers not go through the mountain. This created a lard dust storm that lowered visibilitiy no about 20 feet. Yet, people (including trailers and campers) were still traveling along at about 70 mph. Crazy california drivers. 🙂

Gavin is going to have his first playdate today. We received a letter from one of Gavins school mates. It was from his parents and it explained how Gavin and Jeep arranged to get together some weekend to play. So we finally called them and made the arrangements. We’ll see how it goes.

The days creep along quickly.?¿ Hmmm. As we wait for each day to slowly pass to get that letter or wait for that appointment or get that phone call, we suddenly realize that time has moved a bit quicker than we thought and then panic. Then we do it again the next day. lol. It’s funny how something can be around everyday and still seem like a surprise each day. 🙂