Las Vegas, then WTF?

So I went to Las Vegas on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day. It was fun. A few of my friends from Hawaii went for spring break, so I met them there. It was a very cold and mildly wet 4 hour drive out there through the mountains and across the dessert. It was a good experience though. It was my first time in Las Vegas. I played about $10 in slot machines before deciding that they are just no good. Unless of course you drop in like $50. Then you can play for hours. But in the end, you still end up losing money. Did you know you can play “War” at a casino table in Las Vegas? It was awesome. All that playing War with Jean payed off. Well, no it didn’t. I lost like $20 overall. But it was fun. And if I had walked away a little earlier (isn’t that always the case), I could have won about 175 bucks. Oh well. It was a good trip anyway. We saw “Mamma Mia” while we were there. So that was my fill of Abba for a good long while. Wasn’t too bad though. Not as good as Hawaii Oprah Theatre I might add. We saw Klingons and the Borg. I even went to a buffet dinner while I was there. I think I covered a lot while there. I had a good time. The worse part was the drive back. I left Monday morning (St. Patrick’s day). About 30-40 minutes out, my motorcycle started making an extremely loud noise. At first I thought it was another motorcycle, possibly two, passing me by. But when I realized it was me, I headed for the nearest exit to check it out. As I got off my bike and checked it out I realized one of my mufflers had fallen off. It just up and rattled off. WTF? Right then and there I took the following photo and called Yamaha to make an appointment to get it fixed.


So it was a very loud rest of the drive home. I scared the poor sheep on the side of the highway.

I have a new muffler now. After some hassle with the warrenty people, they replaced it free of charge. Apparently muffler bolts are something that are supposed to be checked at around 4,000 miles. My motorcycle has 2,800 miles on it. Hmmmm. Sounds like their fault to me. Anyway, I have my bike back. It’s shiny. It runs great. It’s fast. And I love to ride it. 🙂 Happy days are here again.