So Gavin has been taking karate now for a few months. He kept telling us he wanted to do karate and ballet. He settled on karate. It’s amazing watching him in class. He does really well. He’s learning all kinds of things. I’m surprised at how quickly little kids can pick up things. Like, lets say, Japanese. lol. His teacher gives them some instructions in Japanese. And Gavin just picked up on what he was saying. He was shy at first, but has quickly learned to be a little more aggressive. And I mean a little. He does his “keeyah’s” much louder than when he started. He punches and kicks stronger. And his memory is great. He has a camouflage belt that accumulates little colored tape strips after each class. Each color has a meaning. One color is balance, one is fitness, one is memory, etc. There are a total of 8 colors. Now he is only about 2 or 3 stripes away from getting his next level belt, which is, I believe, a camouflage belt whit a long white strip down the center of it. He really enjoys it, and it is certainly showing. He’s awesome.

Practicing blocks Practicing blocks

Here is Gavin after karate class admiring one of the local cars.
Posing with a local car. Posing with a local car