The last days

Here I am in Hawaii. Got in on Thursday night. It’s been real hectic, but I feel so much better now. Just over a week ago, the movers showed up and took all our stuff away. That in itself was an experience. Three guys (two who don’t speak english), came in and started throwing stuff in boxes and wrapping boxes with tape. “No no, that’s garbage!! Don’t pack that!” It was exciting. Then on Saturday (the 31st) I drove Holly and Gavin down to LAX. The result was 5 days of missing them in an empty house with nothing but an air-mattress and a laptop. At least I got to watch the season finale of “Lost”. So in those 5 days, I drove the car down to Long Beach to stick it onto a boat, rode the bus up from Long Beach (a good 5 hour bus ride), emptied the fridge, bbq’ed for the last time out by the pool, worked, and spent my last night at my last open mic night at Sandrini’s. Waking up in the morning next to a red bucket, I prepared myself for my departure. A few Tylonol, packing the suitcase, deflating the air-mattress, calling the cab, and handing in my keys. Here comes another bus ride. This one was much easier. I slept most of the way and it was half as short as the last bus ride, coming in to LAX after only 2 1/2 hours. So there I sat 4 hours before my flight with a back-pack, a suitcase, a tent, a pillow and a cat. Moura was not excited. But we all made it to Hawaii ok. Moura is unfortunately sitting in quarantine where she will remain until early October. Poor cat. But I went to visit her yesterday. She was very happy to see me. I was able to spend about 45 minutes with her before I had to leave to go to a wedding.

It’s been nice being here. I missed Hawaii so much. The weather is perfect. The mountains are visible and absolutely beautiful. The food is good. The gas is actually cheaper than what it was in Bakersfield when I left. It’s just really nice being back. And in only 8 weeks, I will have two sons that will have been born in Hawaii. That makes me happy.