sick. Bleh

Well it’s two days before the big move and I’m sick. That is not so good. When you have a sick guy and a pregnant women, packing tends to go a little slow. Hopefully I’ll be over this 101? temperature for tomorrow so we can get some real packing done. On the plus side, I am typing this blog on a nice Macbook Pro that my work sent me. 🙂 I told them I was thinking of buying one so that when I travel inter-island for holidays or whatever, I’d be able to work. He said don’t bother, they will send me the one they bought for me before. Yay. I’m high tech now. But bleh, I feel hot. Must find liquid.

2 thoughts on “sick. Bleh

  1. Thank you. Yes. It’s good to be back. Just wait until you return. You’ll know just how good it feels. 🙂 Yup.

  2. Congrats on the new baby and your return to HI. I am a Hawaii ex-pat now on the mainland and cannot wait to return! I miss reading Holly’s Blog, but am very happy to hear things are turning out well for you both=) Nothing like a stint on the mainland to make you appreciate the beauty of Hawaii!!!

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