50th Birthday Party

Mary’s birthday party was fantastic. We had sort of a plan when we arrived, but no definite plans. I knew I wanted a 10×10 ft tent, cheddar brauts, cake, beer, ribs, and tiki torches. We managed to get all these items and then some.

We got everything set up and ready to go just in time for people to start arriving. The tent was set up, the beer was chilled, the ribs were boiled and ready for grilling, the grill was lit and ready for foods and  the snacks were out. This would be a good time for guests.

People arrived just in time, the fun began, and the night went amazingly well. A 50th birthday party to remember. There was laughing, food and cake, presents, live music, friends, exploding grills, and blazing tiki torches. I don’t know how you can go wrong. Oh what a night.

The little gas grill was put out by all the bbq sauce slathered on the delicious smelling ribs. Not realizing just how long the grill was out, I pushed the little igniter button and the lit jumped 2 inches off the grill with out loud boom. It was a bit surprising and caught a few peoples attention. “I smell burning hair” said Mary, “what happened?” I explained.

Finding the plate of sausages and brauts empty, I removed a rack of ribs and threw on more sausages with the second slab of ribs. A bit later, I noticed there was no heating of the meats, so I announced, “I’m going to blow up the grill” and proceeded to push the ignition button. BOOM! This time I got a full 5 inches from the lid with a decent disc of flame erupting from the sides. Noticing everyone staring at me, I announced, “I said I was going to blow up the grill.” Sadly, no one caught any of this on film. Oh well. It would have made a great picture.

The rest of the evening was pretty mild as far as pyrotechnics are concerned. Much of the food and beer was devoured. Gabe finally got me to pull out Mary’s guitar and jam for a bit. A few of the guests had left and it was me, Gabe, Mary and Dwayne remaining. We chatted and sang a few songs and had a good time until it was time for Gabe and his crew to head out. After that the night wound down quickly. A quick clean up took place and we were all off to bed.

The whole evening seemed to go incredibly smooth and Mary really seemed to enjoy her birthday party. I know I had a good time, but it makes me so much happier to know that her 50th birthday was a birthday she enjoyed and will remember. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Happy Birthday Mary.

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