Maui Earthquake

So Holly and I were lying around the living room relaxing and minding our own business when all the windows jolted and rattled and made us think that something ran into our house. Maybe an angry neighbor, or a drunk angry neighbor, or maybe a huge gust of wind or something. Although it would have had to been an extremely super sized gust of wind. We checked on the baby and listened for the sounds of neighbors or any other activity outside and heard nothing. It occurred to Holly a few minutes later that it might have been an earthquake, and with a few google searches later we landed on this page which told us that there was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake 15 miles from here. That would explain it. This is the second earthquake I’ve felt now that actually shook the house. The first one was before I moved to California, living in the pink house, and thought that the entire section of hose, which was up on stilts, was going to collapse with me in it. But it didn’t.

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