A Nice Day.

I had a nice day today. Basically what I did was spend the morning with the family eating pancakes and playing with Thomas the Train. Then at noon, Holly put Gavin down for his nap. The Honda dealership called and said that the Rebel would not be delivered today, but tomorrow for sure. So after Gavin fell asleep, Holly and I ventured out to Honolulu near the airport to a place called Cycle City. We ooohed and aaahhhhed at all the motorcycle toys. But our main purpose was to buy a new helmet and a pair of gloves. We looked at all the different kinds of helmets. They had a really nice matte black 3/4 helmet that I wanted, but Holly thought that it would get too dirty (oily) and scratched too fast. And they only had that helmet in XS size. I needed a Medium. I ended up with a really nice shiny black 3/4 helmet. I like it. It fits great and its black. Then I picked out a pair of cheap black gloves. As we walked around we looked at all the bike covers, motorcycles, jackets, shirts, hats, and every other type of accessory you could think of. It was huge. So then we paid for our stuff and headed back home just in time for Gavin to wake up. He never knew we were gone. Of course Mary was home watching him. So don’t think we abandoned him. But it was a very enjoyable outing with my wife. And tomorrow while Holly is over at work in Honolulu, I will be home preparing a welcome ceremony for our new family member. I can’t wait to ride it for the first time. Even if it is just around a parking lot.