Not-So-Boring News

In boring news, I have finally hired someone at the theatre. It has been about a month that we have been short handed. The grievance thing with our janitor is being sorted out. I have handed everything over to the professional grievance people. I faxed them and called them and gave them all the information I have on the situation. They will now deal with the union and possibly (most likely) some lawyers about the whole thing and that will be that.

In not-so-boring news, I bought a motorcycle today. I went over to Honda Motorcycles and bought a motorcycle. At the same time I got my insurance for the bike and registered for the motorcycle course given by University of Hawaii. Which is good, cause not only will I be able to get my state driving test wavered, but I will get an extra 15% off my insurance. Awesome. So now here is the shocker. I didn’t buy the ’96 Nighthawk. That’s right, I bought the 2005 Rebel. And do you know why? This is my logic of thinking. If I buy the ’96 Nighthawk, then the bike will not be warranted. Also, we would plan on upgrading to the Rebel sometime early in ’06 when Holly is graduated and we are not so tight on money. So we would then sell the Nighthawk (for not as much as we bought it) and buying the Rebel. Now If I buy the Rebel, then I get a warranted bike, I wouldn’t have to take a money loss for selling the nighthawk, the insurance cost of both bikes is equal, and if I put 1/2 of the money down that I was originally going to put down, then my monthly payments will still be only $60/month and then the other 1/2 of the down payment would be enough money to pay the monthly payments for about 6 or 7 months. This will get us through until Holly is graduated and money is not so tight. So, either way our payment situation is the same no matter which motorcycle we buy. The only difference being that if I buy the Rebel, we will have a new warranted bike and wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of selling and buying a bike in Feb (or whatever month in early ’06).

So there you have it. I now own a brand new 2005 Honda Rebel.