Time to buy.

So I have been out motorcycle shopping. I found one that I could afford and one that I want. The one that I can afford is a 1996 Honda Nighthawk 250cc:

The one that I want is a 2005 Honda Rebel 250cc:

It looks as though I will be buying the ’96 Nighthawk. I do like it. It will be a great starter bike. But when Holly graduates and has a job, we will upgrade to a better bike. Oh yes.

So my goal today is to buy a helmet and to have a motorcycle in our driveway by the time I have to go to work tonight. I will be heading off to the dealership in about an hour or so with $1000 to put down. They said that they can arrange to have it delivered to our house since I have never ridden a motorcycle before. But over the weekend, I will be heading across the street to the shopping center parking lot when it is empty and learning to ride it. I’m excited. I’ll post actual pictures of the bike after we have it. Yay.