’83 Honda Shadow

Today I went to see an ’83 Honda Shadow. It was a nice bike. Old, shiny, black, windshield, runs, small, and comfortable. What else could you ask for. Oh yeah, a lower price. He wants $1600 for it, but that is not happening. Blue book value is $1250 and the bike needs a new rear tire (estimated value of $100+). If I can get him to sell it to us for $1000-$1150 or so, I think I will snatch it up. But only after getting my license. I plan on going to DMV this week to transfer my NYS license to a Hawaii one and taking the Motorcycle permit test. I feel confident about that. Then I am going to look into taking a beginners course for motorcycle riding. And if I do that, then I don’t have to take the DMV road test. Awesome. Anyway. Here is a picture of the bike I looked at today.