Think I can do it?

Ok, So I’m a little excited. We decided that with our busy schedule and lack of vehicles that we need to purchase a motorcycle. What this means is that I will be purchasing a motorcycle. What that means is that I will finally be transferring my NY license over to a Hawaii license and going to DMV to take a motorcycle road test. Sounds easy enough. I just need a motorcycle. So I have been looking all over for one. Of course one small problem is money. We can only afford a motorcycle that costs $1500 or less. I think it can be done. If all goes well I will have a motorcycle and a license to ride one in a week. Think I can do it?

On another subject, I am creating another ad for It required me to take some reference photos of a naked female back. Well, mostly naked. She was wearing pants. I discovered that I don’t know too many females that would be willing to let me take photos of them topless. Who would have thought. So naturally my wife filled in. Take a picture, put it in Photoshop, add some text, the KD logo, and wham, you have yourself an ad.

Oh, and in case no one noticed, I added a new profile pic of me with my currently short hair.

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