A pretty good post?

Ok, so I haven’t blogged in a while. And why not? Because. That is why. Anyway, this promises to be a long post. I suppose there has been a lot. Hmmmm. Now if I could only think of it. He he. It’s been raining here for about 5 1/2 days straight. On the first day, I came down with a cold. Guess what? I still have it. About 20 minutes ago the rain stopped. I’m hoping it is for good. At least for more than a few hours. That way I can ride my motorcycle more often. I gots places to go. Anyway, not that the rain is gone, I’m hoping that my cold with leave with it. I sure hope it does. I don’t really want a cold with this weekend coming up. It is going to be a busy weekend. Tonight, I head to Gabe’s with Gavin to play music and have a good time while Mary takes Yuri to the opera, while Holly gets the night to herself. Tomorrow morning Holly and Mary go off at 6 am to a librarian conference while Gavin and I paint the town. Then later that night Holly and I go to an 80’s themed Birthday party. Sunday morning Mary and I ride off to a RSCDS board meeting for a few hours. Then Sunday afternoon/evening, Holly and I go to the opera for an evening of great music. Then it’s home and into bed so Holly can get up all early like for work. And that is our weekend.

So how about things of the past? I am done with the theatre. And since then, I have been awesome. I had a few shlumpy days here and there, but they were the good kind. Like the kind I had in college. Shlumpy because I needed to be creative. Frustrated because my creativeness was at a minimum. So I whipped out my writing book and guitar and got creative. That fixed that. I get to play music every Friday now. That helps and is completely awesome. I went to Volcano Joe’s with Holly this past Monday. It was a really nice time. The only problem was that I played like crap. Sort of. I played Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”, which I have never tried live, because it is hard for me to sing and play at the same time. But I seemed to do ok. Then next song, I bombed. I played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. See, now, the first song requires a drop D tuning. And the second song doesn’t. And when I played the second song, I didn’t switch back. That doesn’t help me sound good. But whatever. I played “Everlong” good, so whatever. I have spent quite a few nights out with Holly and it’s wonderful. On Wednesday, when we were supposed to go to dancing, we took the night off and went to go see “Nanny McPhee”. We have been out shopping and out eating and what not. Holly has been running and has gotten back on the waggon. Back in control. As am I. I feel good. Should I blame the theatre? Nah. I let many things get to me. Now I have rid myself of them. And if not, I have at least made peace with them and learned how to deal with them. So now here I am feeling good. And can you blame me. Holly and I stopped at the bank to open a savings account. We are officially saving up to buy a house. We already have some money saved. Houses are dropping in price. We will be looking into buying by next Christmas. Things are on their way. Also, my sister is getting married in April. She is also going to give birth again in late July. Maybe the 29th? Hmmm. Then this summer Holly, Gavin and I are going to NY on vacation. I can’t wait. Lake George, here we come. I so look forward to Lake George. We need to set a date for that so we can let people know when the party will start.

I don’t know if this is as long as I was thinking, but I think it’s a pretty good post. I think. Whatever.