Rambling Man

It has been raining here for way too long, only pausing here and there for an hour or so. It sucks. It makes me feel trapped. I have started going to Volcano Joe’s again. I know it is not Holly’s favorite thing, but she likes it well enough. It’s a night out. She doesn’t get enough of that. The rain has also put a hold on running. Holly has not run that much as far as I know, and I have run even less than that. I want it to stop raining. I have also started a more steady routine of playing music on Friday nights. I take Gavin with me so that Holly and her mom have time together. Mostly for her moms sake than for hers. It gives them a chance to talk story and drink tea. It also gives Gavin a chance to play with other kids. I am glad to be getting back into music more. It has renewed my spirits and inspired me to start writing music. It has also made me long for music school. But I must wait. I have been reading a bit more too. Holly brought me back a book from her library. She says its big with the kids, and I can see why. It’s a very interesting book called “The Golden Compass”. We have applied to a pre-school for Gavin. They wrote us back saying that they received his application, but the school is full and they will call us if there is opening. Otherwise, he has to wait until May or so. That is another 3 months away. A few weeks ago, Holly told me we must make an appointment for Gavin to go to the dentist. He has complained a few times that his teeth hurt and we can see some cavities. So I made the appointment. The downside is that when I called them, they said that Holly and I were due for check-ups too. So I made those appointments as well. Gavin and I had our appointments yesterday at 10am. They first did Gavin. He was very good about it all. They took x-rays of his teeth and mine. Then they checked his mouth all over with a little pointy thing and then brushed them with the electric toothbrush. Gavin got to hold on to “Mr. Thirsty”. Can you guess what that was? Meanwhile, in the room next to his, we listened to a boy not much older than Gavin dying. Or so it seemed. Gavin did not make a peep. Then as a reward he got a balloon and a bouncy ball. And what did I get for being good during my check-up? A 3:30 appointment to get 3 fillings, and two crowns. Sweet! There is nothing like a 3:30 – 6:00 dental marathon to get you ready for Scottish Country Dancing at O’Tooles. Oh well. At least I am poorer now. Wait. I mean, at least my jaw hurts. Damn. Wait, I mean at least I have to go in again in 2 weeks. Damn. Wait. At least I have teeth. Yeah. Something like that. Anyway. It’s about 10 am. Gavin has watched Thomas the Tank Engine. He has had some trail mix and a banana. I ate a bowl of cereal. I need to buy laundry detergent so I can do laundry. Gavin needs to eat a well balanced lunch and take a nap at noon. And it needs to be on time so he doesn’t stay up until 10 pm. I should probably empty the garbages and clean up a bit. If I had the car, I might even get an oil change. I’ll even do a few dishes today. I will not eat chocolate. Ahh yes. Thanks to a friend of mine having a birthday, I received a $50 gift certificate to Gordon Biersch that would have expired on March 16th. Needing to use it before it expired, we decided to go there for Fat Tuesday. It was grand. I had an awesome burger with garlic fries. Mary had half a Ahi sandwich. Holly had the other half. Gavin had jasmine rice and some fries. Mary and I also had a few beers. Oh, and we had fried artichoke hearts for an appetizer. All for the sum of $1.61. Sweet. And there was a big Mardi Gra party going on as well, so drummers, men with wigs and tights, girls in bead bikinis, ladies with crazy hats, and many others were parading around. It was loud and fun. When Gavin asked to go for a walk, Holly took him around to check things out. When they came back they were sporting a bag of meat balls (Malt Balls) and a green bead necklace. Naturally, I had to give Holly a sly look. She just smiled and winked. 😉 Ahh. Good times. Unfortunately, we all over ate. I suppose that is the point. But none-the-less, with not running cause of the stupid rain, not doing sit-ups or push-ups or any other exercise (I will blame this on the rain too), I feel like I’m slipping away into fatness. I said I FEEL like it. I just want to prevent it is all. Ok. Well this is long enough. Maybe if you are good and add comments, I might post some pictures or maybe even some music or something. Later.