Adventures on Maui

So Holly found out that they want her to start on Maui this coming Monday. Which gave us approximately one week to find a place to live in Hana. And since Hana is only about 2 or 3 blocks long and about 2 hours away from civilization, there are not a whole lot of apartments for rent there. So this past Monday, I flew over to Maui for a few days to try to find a place to live. It was an interesting trip seeing as how I’ve never been to Maui before. It was all new to me. I rented a little Chevy Aveo right off the plane. I thought about getting a motorcycle. But then I thought about the hotel rates and decided a car might be better.

The ride down to Hana was absolutely beautiful and dangerous. Especially for a driver. But I guess that is why they make those little scenic turn-offs. I didn’t use any on the way down to Hana the first time because I was a little anxious to get there. And once I did, I was a little surprised at how small it was. I knew going into this all that it was small, but wow. Even the Hana Hotel was tiny. Not at all like the hotels I’m used to seeing in Honolulu. No tower. No large tacky entrance or huge hotel name signs. Just a little building with a lobby and a parking lot. Then the Hotel “rooms” are kind of spread out throughout the town. Interesting. But they were pretty nice. And for $600 a night, they better well damn be good. Which is why I spent the night in Hana in my Aveo on the beach. Compact cars are not the most comfortable to sleep in. Not at all like my Monte Carlo that I could lay down flat in. 🙂 I do miss that car. But the Aveo was gas friendly. That won out in my choosing a car. $4.50/gallon. Ouch. Oh well. With 2 blocks of Hana, I don’t think we’ll be driving a whole lot.

I looked at the general stores and the post office to see if there were apartments for rent. Between the 3 places, there were only 2 posted places. I say apartment, but really, in Hana, there is no such thing. You rent houses. Or parts of houses. Anyway, right away, i called the two numbers. One seemed to be the number for a apartment owned by an answering machine. The other was the number for a nice 2 bed/ 2 bath place that was nice. I talked to the owner and made arrangements to see it. I was really hoping this would be a nice place because it was the only place really. The first house had the address on the flyer, so I drove there to check it out. It was kind of small and only 1 bedroom. With a 5 year old and one on the way, I’m pretty sure we needed bigger. So I spent the rest of my time on Maui waiting to get in touch with the owner of the 2nd place to tell him we want it and would like to make arrangements for payments and what not. To do that, i had to drive back up to Kahului so that I would have phone service. Apparently T-mobile has little to no service on Maui let alone in little ol’ Hana. So soon, we will be switching to either AT&T or Verizon. I’m voting AT&T. Yay iPhone. hahahaha. Anyway. It was a good experience. I learned that you can mooch internet from hotel parking lots. I learned that white people love to rent red and black Mustang convertables and PT cruiser convertables. I also learned that you can buy almost anything at a general store. Including christmas ornaments year round.

Overall it was a good trip. A little stressful with the time constraint. A little relaxing. A little tiresome. A lot beautiful. I missed my kiddo and my girly of course, but I had a good time. A successful trip. Go me.

Hana Beach Park View from Hana Hwy

View from Hand hwy one of many waterfalls

Coastline in Hana Shoreline near Hana

Hana School and Library Hana hwy scenic view

Hana hwy scenic view