After settling on the larger of the places in Hana, I made arrangements to move in on Sunday. So that gave us a few days to come up with the money order for the rent, make arrangements for internet and also the phone. After a day of running around we finally managed to get a money order. Apparently it’s not as easy to get a money order short notice if you’re funds are not located in the same state as you. Huh. Who’d have thunk it. As for the internet, I’ll have to use the library computers until next week. And the phone? Maybe thursday. All depends on if they telephone company can determine what unit I’m living in. Sheesh. It’s all so complicated. But I feel much better about things now. I was so stressed out last week. With all the arrangements that had to be made and trying not to lose any work time and knowing that I’d spend my first week in the new place without Gavin, I was getting a little worked up. And that made me susceptible to illness. Just a cold, but so inconvenient.

Today is my first workday in Hana. I’m working at home offline, saving everything to a zip drive, then using the library computers to email my work to NY at an incredibly slow rate. Holly is doing well her first day. The people here seem to be very nice. We went to the post office to see about getting a P.O. box and it would seem that in order to get a P.O. box you need two forms of identification. And for some reason they don’t accept social security cards, birth certificates, credit cards, or insurance cards. So what two forms are accepted you might ask? Driver’s license is a given right. But what about the 2nd? As far as I can tell, the only other form they accept is a car registration. So if you don’t have a car, no P.O. box for you. Muahahaha. Oh wait! My car is on a barge. Crap! Fortunately since Holly and I are both getting the box together, the post lady was nice and accepted one ID from both of us. Yay. We’ll have a mailing address in 4 days. Phone in 3 days (maybe). And internet in 9 days. Ugh. At least it’s beautiful here. And the house feels cozy. I like it here.