Gavin fell asleep in Granny’s room last night. Again, he slept there all night long. It’s kind of neat actually. Plus it will make things a little easier when we move. Yes, Holly and I got an apartment only a few minutes down the road. Gavin will have his own room with his own bed and own closet. Gavin saw the house and picked which room will be his. He also likes the fact that it is a pink house. Now there is nothing we can do about that, but we will paint the inside a bit. We will be getting the keys on Monday or early Tuesday. That way if we want, while we are packing for our flight out on Friday, if there are things we think don’t need to be here, we can move them to our new apt. Sweet. And when we get back from our awesome 2 week vacation, we can fully move into our new place. I can’t wait. This is so exciting. Check back for current event information and updates.