Sleeping in Granny’s Room

I had a very strange feeling this morning as I woke up. Last night after Gavin’s nightly routine with Granny, he fell asleep in her bed. He slept there the entire night. When I woke up this morning there was no Gavin in our bed. It was so strange. Gavin is growing up. Although I think he only did that because he gets to stay up longer when he stays in Granny’s room. Plus, Granny has a TV in her room. Anyway, it was just really strange waking up in the morning (or any time during the night for that matter) and not having Gavin laying next to me because he is sleeping in another room. But if we get our own place soon, then Gavin will have his own room. He will probably sleep with us still, but he will be getting some more freedom. A place all his own. I love him.