Another day.

Tis another hard day. It’s only 8:45 am and I am ready for the day to
be over. The only problem with that is that tomorrow will be another
day. Damn it. On the other hand, tomorrow is therapy. We did not plan
that very well. The past 4 times we went to therapy, after we got
out, I didn’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. I felt
heavy and numb all over. And this week, we scheduled our session just
before dance class. What were we thinking? Oh well. It’s been raining
all day. There was thunder and lightning this morning. There were
flood watches in our area all morning. Now my house is all damn. My
clothes are damp. My chair is damp. I guess that sort of suits my
mood right now. On top of it, I am waiting to hear news about a
friend. I worry. I’m sorry I am not there. I should be. I love you.
Anyway. More to come some other time.