Hey there,
It’s Nov 3rd and I’m finally updating my blog (as you can clearly see). I had my first Halloween with Gavin. It was awesome. I need to update our photo album so you can see pictures. I had a super great Halloween. Gavin and I were both pirates. Arrrg! Holly made a very good wench. A few wenches actually. She was a candy wench, a milk wench, and a beer wench. We ate lots of chocolate. We drank some Pumpkin Ale. We danced and waved swords. We pilaged and plundered. 😉 It was great. Gavin and I did the Trick or Treating while the wench handed out candy. We saw scary ghosts, fog machines, blinky lights, big pumpkins, glue, Harry Potter, skeletons, and all kinds of other stuff. I truely had an awesome halloween. What were you for halloween?

P.S. Who knew the banaster was the perfect height?