As an update, my car is still locked up in the the…

As an update, my car is still locked up in the theatre parking lot. Mary has had a go at it and she admits defeat. Which means that tomorrow I call the locksmith. On Monday I think I will drive down to the dealership and get a new keyless-entry key. At least then if the doors lock themselves I should be able to unlock them. Still no word on when the part for the lock will come in.

Next up: sex

Well, actually I changed my mind. Too complicated and too detailed. Maybe another time. If you really want to know (and I mean genuinely really want to know), then maybe I’ll post in my comments; or email or IM if I know you.

Anyway, life is otherwise ok. “Corpse Bride” comes out on Friday the 23rd and I want to see it. My vacation time for NY has finally been approved by the theatre. I will get paid. My motorcycle course starts on Thursday the 22nd. I can’t wait. Although, my license plate still hasn’t come in yet. I hope I don’t get pulled over. With my car being out of commission, I have been riding it more. Well, back to work.