Endless possibilities

Well, these past few days have not quite gone to plan. Of course there are some exceptions. One exception being my date with Holly on Tuesday night. We walked up to the theatre to watch “The Brothers Grimm”. We arrived early enough (for once) and decided to play a game of pool. That did wonders for us. It just felt so good. And the movie was ok too. What has not gone to plan was our car. This past Wednesday was our first night of dance class after our summer break. But unfortunately the door lock on our car broke and since Holly and Mary were in class, and I had Gavin, there was no way for me to get to the class. Instead, I stayed home and waited for a locksmith to come by and charge me $45 to pry my car open. While waiting, I called a VW place about fixing the problem. I got an appointment for the very next morning at 9 am. Wow, that was quick. So the next morning (Holly and Mary again out to UH early in the morning), Gavin and I headed out to Honolulu to get the car looked at. I dropped it off and they shuttled us over to Ala Moana mall so we could roam around. “Call us back at noon” they said. So 3 hours later I called them. Here is what they told me; “We have to order the part for your car from the mainland and it will cost $113. The labor for today costs $42. You also need two new front tires ($80) in order to pass safety inspection which is coming due. You also need to replace the timing belt on your car because it is 5000 miles overdue ($501). If you would like to purchase a new key for your car we can do that today for $125, but then you will still have to go to the VW dealership to get it programmed (for a fee). There is an oil leak from your engine that you can get covered by your warranty if you go have it done at the dealership where you bought your car. Would you like us to pick you up from the mall now?”

So we were picked up from the mall and shuttled back to the shop where we were then informed that the part they need to order will be here in about 1 1/2 – 2 weeks and when it arrives it will cost another $170 for them to install it. I was also informed that they just locked up my car and can’t get into it, so we will have to wait until they can get it open again before we can leave.

It now being 1 pm. Gavin and I are on the highway heading home. Of course Gavin is tired from all this and falls asleep for the entire ride back. As we arrive in the driveway, I shut down the car and open the door. Upon doing so, the car went nuts and locked itself (door still open) and set off the alarm. I tried to start the car and it wouldn’t start with the alarm on. I tried closing the door (rolling the window down), playing with the door locks and the alarm still wouldn’t shut off. So in a panic I jumped out of the car and popped the trunk which in turn shut off the alarm. In much relief, I peeked in the window to see that Gavin was still asleep. At the same time I realized that I had also closed the car door behind me. Damn. With the window still open and Gavin still asleep, I ran to get a coat hanger and proceeded to open the car by hooking the inside door handle and opening the door. All was now ok. I made sure that the window was cracked and the locks were open and took Gavin up for the rest of his nap.

Two hours later Gavin wakes up just in time for me to head to work where Holly and Mary will be picking up Gavin. But before heading to work, I must stop at Koolau to pick up some food items. Can you see where this is headed? Cause at the time, I couldn’t. When I parked, I opened the windows and unlocked the car and even hung a metal hanger on the window, just in case. I went in, grabbed a bunch of food and wheeled it out to the car, only to discover that VW Jettas can lock themselves and roll up its own windows. Damn again. Only this time, there is no way in without paying another $45. Fortunately, my good buddy Nate was right there and handed me the keys to his car. It got me to work almost on time, but I didn’t have a car seat for Gavin and my VW Jetta is still sitting in the theatre parking lot. Damn yet again.

Which brings me to two more unexpected items. First being that having a short conversation with my grandmother revealed that there was a check for me in the mail. As it turns out, it was for more than I thought. The second being that a short conversation with my boss (theatre) revealed that I will be getting a $.50 raise and a $1000 bonus (before taxes). So funny how things work out. I receive a bunch of money and fate takes it away instantly. I just wasn’t meant to have money.

It is now 9:08 pm and I am not having a good day. I have to stay late tonight because of inventory and a new movie. Then I must return Nate’s car. What to do, I have no idea. But I foresee a motorcycle driving test in the near future. Tomorrow I plan on practicing in the theatre parking lot, which should be empty except for one green car until about 11:30 am.

On the plus side, I got to spend a lot of quality time with Gavin. Because of him, I now know of a really good bakery at the mall. Also, I got to do some window shopping and got some ideas for Christmas presents. And when all is said and done, my car will be fixed of many problems.

So rewinding now back to my date. I think that doing more interactive things, such as playing pool, will remind us a bit of who we are and also who each other are. It is too easy to forget little things about each other. What step is that anyway? It was a really nice night. We were so comfortable with each other and clicked really well. We were on the same level. We were happy. And when it came to the bedroom, it went as well as the rest of the night. Maybe even better. That is why my going to NY in October and Holly going to the Big Island in November will be good. We will get more reminders of who we are as individuals. And by that time, I will have my motorcycle license, and I will be able to ride her around. From there, the possibilities are endless.