Short hair quickly becomes a good thing…

So I cut my hair again. It is now only a few inches long.

I did this because I was getting insane hair styles after removing my newly purchased motorcycle helmet. Well, this time I inspired Gavin. He tugged my arm and said, “cut my hair dad”. It was so clear. So I asked him if he really wanted me to cut his hair short like dads, or if he wanted long hair like moms. “Cut my hair short like dads”, he replied. He pushed our “hair-cut chair” over into the center of the room and then handed me a pair of scissors. I think he is serious. I wasn’t sure about cutting it as short as mine (besides, I didn’t know how good a hair cut I could give), so I sat him down on the chair wrapped a towel around his neck and proceeded to cut off just a few inches.

Later that night when Holly picked up Gavin from work, she saw the deed which Gavin requested. I explained to her the length of which Gavin went to get me to cut his hair. Personally, I think I did a pretty good job. But the next morning I was woke up by some strange little boy.

Holly decided that 1. If Gavin asked to have his hair short, then we should oblige him. 2. That the hair cut I gave him, even though it was shorter, made him look more like a girl.
So she took him to the hair salon and got him a haircut.

Then bought him a dohnut of victory.

So that was yesterday. Last night, aparently, Gavin was not feeling up to par and last night around 9:30 pm Gavin kind of exploded from both ends. Vomitting and diahrea, which was not expected, covered our bed and ruined our bedding. The blanket though, was needing to be relieved of its duties anyway. So it was a rough night of many trips to the bathroom and many pairs of ruined undergarments and towels. *sigh* Poor Gavin. He was very upset and grossed out by the whole thing. He didn’t like messing things. We assured him that it was o.k. and that it wasn’t his fault. He was sick. This continued into the morning until about 10:30 am. At this point he stopped making frequent trips to the bathroom (we needed a new bathroom rug anyway). At the same time, he was not really eating any food. He ate 1 1/2 puddings, one bite of banana, a couple M&M’s, and that’s about it. On the plus side, I have never seen him drink so much water. Such a good boy. He was in pretty good spirits despite his ailment. Then around 3:00 pm he made yet another trip to the bathroom and wasted yet another pair of underwear. *sigh* He will be venturing out with Granny tonight to pick up Holly from class. I wished them the best of luck on their journey and headed off for work. I do love my little family.