BBQ and Beer Making

Failing to brew my new batch of beer on Saturday, I wasn’t about to let Sunday slip by without doing so. Sunday was also the day that Gavin had a play date with a friend over at our house. As it turns out, her dad is interested in the beer brewing process, so we invited the whole crew over and had a beer brewing bbq evening. That brought the adult count to 4 and the kid count to 4.

Holly made a run to the store to get some extra meat and some chips. She returned with 5 or so steaks and a bag of potato chips. But before I could heat up the grill, I had to get started on the beer. I set up all my supplies and went to work. With someone watching all my steps and movements, I was little nervous, but then again, it seemed to keep me focused on the task at hand. Don’t want to miss anything.

Once the beer was on it’s way and I had some waiting time, I fired up the grill and slapped on some beefs and hot dogs. Add some beers, a deck of cards and entertained kids and you have yourself a great night. I finished my batch of beer and set it in a corner to  do it’s thing for a while. We played Gin Rummy while the kids played hide and seek. Eventually they settled on the couch to watch a dragon movie.

It was nice to be able to sit around with friends and have grown up talk and just plain relax. With our new lounge chairs on the porch and the sun going down, it had an almost Lake George moment feel to it. Summer time is here and I’m hoping to have more of these moments.

Manly Beer Brewing

Kids Lounging

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