Beer and Cockroaches

Today was another furlough day for Holly. Holly being home meant that I was able to ride Gavin to school on the motorcycle. A a matter of fact, I was able to ride my motorcycle twice today. After my work meeting, I rode to the post office to pick up my beer supplies. As I walked into the post office, the clerk sees me and says, “There’s a package for you. And it’s leaking”. He explained to me how if he put it on one side, the leak seems to stop. I poked the wet spots on the sides and corner of the box and gave it a sniff. Not malty. Not yeasty. That is a good sign. That means that it is most likely just the ice pack melting. Sure enough, that was the case. So I bundled it in all in my back pack and headed home.

I’ve been waiting for these supplies. This is my test batch of beer for my upcoming brew in NY. I’ll have one week from brew to bottle. I don’t think it will reach it’s full potential in that time, but I do think that it will be quite tasty and delicious. The recipe is a version of the Scottish Old Jock Ale. If all goes well it will be a beautiful amber color with a red/orange highlight and have a great malty taste with a hint of bitterness. I’m looking forward to tasting it. I’ve made my yeast starter and will brew in two days.

Going in a completely gross direction now, our car has been taken over by cockroaches. Every time we open the door, we see them scatter into the cracks and under the seats. The past two weeks we’ve gone to town to buy groceries, we’ve arrived at home with either a loaf of bread full of cockroaches, backpacks full of cockroaches, cookie bags full of cockroaches, and so on and so forth. They live in the truck, under the seats, in the dashboard, in every little crevice in the car. So when I went to the post office today, I also stopped at the general store to pick up a bug bomb. We are going clean out our car. Then we are going to bomb our car. Then we are going to build a mass grave in our vacuum cleaner. If you’re lucky, we’ll even take pictures of it. Muahaha.

Meanwhile, Holly models her new steal from Old Navy whilst Gavin sits not eating his dinner. Life is good.

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