$60 Laundry Day

This past weekend we went to town with one thing in mind. Wash laundry. We’ve been saving up for a month now and as a result, we spent roughly $60 on washing our clothes. Of that $60, about $10 went towards clothes that no longer fit any of us or were getting to old or we just didn’t want any more for one reason or another. We filled two garbage bags full of these clothes and dropped them off at the nearest donation spot, Savers. After doing this, we felt pretty good about ourselves so we headed off to Old Navy as a reward. We left with handfuls of amazing on-sale winter clothes. Holly found the coat she was depressed about not buying last year (it was $90). She took the last one in her size for $19. We also bought long sleeve shirts, gloves, hats, scarves, pants, and I even bought a really comfy winter jacket. It was amazing. And the best part is that only the two jackets were over $7.

NY is only a month away now. I’m planning on making a batch of beer while I’m there. It would be pretty cool to be able to make a beer for my family. It will also be somewhat of an experiment. Brew to bottle in 1 week. Should be interesting.

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