Beer supplies and a liter of beer

I’m here on Oahu to pick Gavin up from his fall break with granny. Yesterday was a simple day mostly spent sitting around watching TV and talking story whilst drinking a beautiful beer that I brewed a few weeks back. I popped the top on the bottle and was happy to hear the nice sound of Co2 escaping the bottle. As I poured it into the glass, it started building up a beautiful head on it. It filled the glass and breached the rim just slightly so that a few drips of head seeped down the side of the glass. It was like out of a beer commercial. It was beautiful and I think I shed a tear.

Gordon Biersch FestbierToday was a more productive day. That was our plan anyway. I had a few items on my list that I had to buy that we can’t get on Maui, such as Nutella, shiny gold silk-screen paint, and beer supplies. Just before heading out, we got a call from auntie Beth looking to see if Gavin wanted to spend the day over at their place playing with Bakugon toys and swimming in the pool. How could a boy resist? So we head over towards their house, which is conveniently located across the street from a Price Busters and Wal Mart, where we spent our time waiting for auntie Beth to actually get home after inviting us over. While waiting, we picked up our Nutella and some other chocolates and goodies that we wanted and needed. By that time we were able to drop Gavin off at auntie Beth’s house.

We headed back to the previous shopping center to go to the craft store that was there to see if they had gold silk screen paint. They didn’t, but they did have shiny gold fabric paint that would be just as good and in a more reasonable amount. Having picked up all the things I needed already, we thought about the beer store. I would need some sort of cooler to keep the yeast cold while traveling, so we went back in to Price Busters to see if they had any such thing. After going in and out of the store trying to decide if we wanted the not-quite-what-we-were-looking-for items at Price Busters or if we should go to Wal Mart or if we already had one in the car, we ended up walking away with a small cooler and an ice pack from Price Busters.

Getting in the car, I realized that I didn’t bring the iPod Touch which had a list of the items I needed on it to make the beer. I couldn’t very well get the ingredients I needed without knowing what they were. On the way back home to get the list, knowing the beer store closed earlier on Saturdays, Mary asked me what time the beer store closed. I looked at the clock and it was about 3:45pm. “Oh crap” I say. “Crap, crap!” When we arrived home, I checked the store hours and sure enough they closed at 3pm. After deliberating, I decided to call the beer store and double check their hours against what we found online. That was very wise of me because the owner of the beer store told me that they closed at 3pm like the website said, but if I headed over there at that moment, he would wait for me as to not disappoint his home brewers. That was totally awesome and so we did just that.

We arrived at the beer store and I knew just what I needed on account of remembering the iPod this time. I collected my supplies, thanked Mike over and over, and headed out the door. A happy man am I. I sniffed my barley and other such grains contently.

Gordon Biersch FestbierBeing completely happy and bliss, I decided to drag Mary to Gordon Biersch for a dinner of hamburger and beer. What better way to celebrate? Our waitress came around to take our drink orders which ended in tasting liter of their new Festbier. Oh it was delicious. And oh was it huge. I love that place.

After Gordon Biersch, we headed back to pick Gavin up from auntie Beth’s house. 45 minutes later and here I am still slightly feeling the effects of that delicious beer and sitting on the couch with leftover cinnamon buns. Mmmmmm. I think I will watch last nights episode of Star Wars with my son before heading off to bed. For tomorrow we head back to Maui.

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