Road of Doom

My weekend on Oahu quickly came to an end. After Gavin and I hopped off the plane in Kahului, we quickly (as quick as one can with a 6 year old) ran through Wal Mart and Safeway to acquire any groceries we need at home. The drive home was a very long one. Gavin fell asleep quite quickly while listening to his list of songs. I put on some “Three Days Grace” for a bit to clean my mind from “Ben Ten Theme Song”. It was dark and raining and not optimal driving conditions. I slowly passed a cliffside where rocks and tree branches and coconuts covered the road. “I better take it slow” I thought to myself as I passed the rubble. I drove on, Gavin still sleeping.

As though my previous thoughts challenged Hana Hwy, I rounded a dark, wet, cliff to find myself running over a small boulder roughly the size of an oversized coconut. Thinking the rock passed under my car I drove on, until, that is, until I heard the rock scraping along the road as it clung to my oil pan. I stopped and backed up until the boulder rolled back out from under my car.

30 seconds later, my oil light came on accompanied by a beeping sound. This happened over and over all the way home, until the light was on permanently. This was not good.

The following day, I jacked the car and scoped out the damage.


Yup, there is definitely a hole. This was confirmed by both Gavin and Holly.

Having the “Mama Car” in such peril makes me think back to the days of old. Back when I had such an awesome car. So awesome that I would just sit in it and play guitar. It was that awesome.


As well as to the future when I will own another awesome car.


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