The Lava Tubes

Why does it seem that the rough days are what bring about fun things. This is how it was a few days back. Leif was being unbearable and Gavin was bored and needing to do something. I was frustrated because the car was broken after running over a rock the size of a coconut (still in it’s husk). I hadn’t been out of the house in a few days, the house was a mess and I needed to do something. So I decided to take Gavin and Leif for a walk.

Gavin said that if was going to go for a walk, maybe we could go to the lava tubes. What a great idea. I didn’t know if we could go in them due to lack of funds, but we can certainly walk down there and see where they are and what not. So that is what we did.

What a great idea that was. As it turns out, I had $13 in my wallet for some reason, and it cost us $12.50 for the three of us to go into the caves. We packed our flashlights and helmets (provided by the scrub who took our $12.50) and headed down into the lava tube.

Rock stairs led down the entrance to the tube. When you get to the bottom and look back it is the most beautiful sight. The sun shining in and through the leaves of all the foliage surrounding the entrance stairs. I pulled out my camera to take a picture only to discover that the batteries were dead. Oh well.

Leif, Gavin and I walked our way through 1/2 mile of lava tubes, shining our lights at every nook and cranny. We spotted strange hammer-head worms, cow bones, stalagmites, stalactites, boulders, and even a first aid kit (just next to the bones. hmmm ). It was very fascinating and Gavin and Leif had a great time.

We shall have to go back some time to get some pictures with our good camera and to take Holly with us. I couldn’t believe how that trip to the lava tubes turned the week around. It just seemed to make everything better. And why shouldn’t it? It was quite beautiful and amazing.

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