Re-Breaking in the blog

I keep intending to write an entry here and for one excuse or another, I just don’t. Now here it is two months later. So much has happened since then and I don’t know how to write it all in a short post. So I’ll start by just blabbing then I’ll move on to life later.

The holidays are over and with them the wait gain. It’s time now to deflate. Lose those 5 pounds (give or take) that I’ve gained. It also means that we can finally  clean up the house a bit. It’s been getting to me having a messy house. It’s just one of those things that come along with holidays. But we can fix that now.

I also have some inspiration for cleaning. We bought a new computer desk this past weekend. A real one. Not a coffee table. So we’ve taken down the tree and christmas lights tonight. It took me two days and I’ve finished assembling the desk. It looks verra  nice. I can’t wait to put the computer on it. I must finish cleaning though so everything is in place first. It will be nice though. It will solve the issue of having wires spread all over. I can move the phone the modem and the computer back to a localized spot. Good deal.

So with the house cleaner, the chocolate all piled together, the toys consolidated, the new desk in place, the tree put away, and the couch being so warm and comfy, I will enjoy my evening, watch more “Peep Show” and maybe enjoy a nice cold beer.

‘Til next time …

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