Thanksgiving was full of deliciousness. We had a small-sized turkey with a few casseroles, pumpkin pie, and booze. Oh yes, and birthday cake and presents. Yup. This year Holly’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving. Nothing wrong with a little cake on Thanksgiving right? Besides, she got to eat her most favoritest breakfast made my me (eggs benedict), a beautiful shiny new tea kettle and we all got cake. Mmmm. So good.

Gavin’s birthday has come and gone. He is seven now and with that, the privilege of riding on my motorcycle with me. He’s been talking about that for months now. We threw him his first ever friends-over birthday party. There were a total of 10 kids, thereabouts, and about 4 or 5 parents. We had cupcakes, a candy cane shaped piñata, home-made pizza, balloons, and presents. It was rather successful. The kids all went home with bags of candy from the piñata and smiles on their faces.

The piñata was harder to destroy than we expected. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that we filled it (max-load: 3 pounds) with 7 pounds of candy and goodies. The kids went through about 3 rounds and one wooden stick before letting the grown ups have a go. We went about 2 rounds before the owner of the second piñata stick finally made the candy pour out in an explosion of sweetness. The kids all swarmed in and gathered candy for the winter. It was great.

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