Charge Your Glasses

It’s 10:10 pm new years eve. I’m lying on the couch myself New Years Eve watching The Taking of Pelham 123. Leif woke up for the second time looking for Holly to nurse him back to sleep. She may not be back out. No biggie though. I celebrate my new years at 7pm anyway. That’s when the ball drops in NY, and we all know that is when the real new year begins.

I called my mom 4 minutes before midnight ( NY time) and wished her a Happy New Years. We’ll be going to NY in 2 months, but I don’t think that is soon enough. I miss my mom and I know she misses me. Mom, we’ll be there soon.

Gavin is over on Oahu with Granny. I think they will be watching fireworks if they can stay awake long enough. I’ll find out in the morning. Until then I have a cat at my side, John Travolta and Denzel Washington on tv, and a beautiful Leif and Holly waiting in bed. it’s been a good day and a decent year. So charge your glasses for a toast. May 2010 bring happiness, laughter, and joy to everyone and their loved ones. Happy New Years one and all.


Holly came back out to lie on the couch with me and we finished watching the movie. With only 50 minutes left, we snuggled on the couch watching Kathy Griffin tell funnies about Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus until 11:55. Now only a few minutes away, we flip over to FOX to watch the ball drop “Live” from NYC. I got to snog Holly for the first time on New Years in 4 years. We ran out onto the porch to kiss under the full blue moon with the sound of fireworks and showering neighbors off in the distance. How romantic.


We consider having one final drink (first drink?) before heading off to bed. Our sweet comfy bed. With the new 3″ memory foam mattress topper. I hear it calling. Time for sleeps. Good night and happy new year (with no “s”).

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